About Us

Susie Spiller is passionate about heart-mind balance.  Her focus is on inspiring all who cross her path to tap into their greatest and deepest riches. Susie and Irina work collaboratively co-creating mind / body balance through their shared passions for communication and care of people, including the chemistry of yoga and food.

Susie is a globally certified CNVC trainer and master facilitator of the Virtues Project. Her other training includes qualifications in group facilitation, conflict resolution, holistic health and yoga. Susie not only talks about a great lifestyle – she lives it through daily focus on diet, exercise, meditation and communication as her chosen path. She is a skilled communicator and facilitator and has worked on her own personal development from an early age. With her passion for physical, mental and emotional well being, Susie Spiller is committed to contributing to helping people live the life of their dreams.

Irina Borowski is a passionate long time practitioner of body practices such as yoga and 5 rhythm dancing.

Her life long interest in food led her to all things fermented about 16 years ago. Her belief is that simple and nutrient dense food should be available to all of us, and she’s passionate to pass on time-honoured practices and traditions to people within a context of conscious eating.

She has a masters degree in Science, many years of teaching science to children,  as well as yoga for adults. Irina has an exceptional ability to teach complex concepts in a humorous and accessible way.