Business Support

So often we do not hear what is truly said in meetings, and lack capacity to bring forward our best solutions. This leads directly to lost opportunities and ineffective teams.

WISE is breaking the mold. We train people to take full self responsibility and to collaboratively work as a team.

Our background in Non Violent Communication enables us to empower your people and your team to build agency for themselves. We grow their capacity to actively listen, empathically connect and live up to their true values and ambitions.

This in turn does improve their life, job satisfaction and productivity for your company.

Supporting a Culture of Care in your workplace

When the needs of an individual  are  acknowledged and met in a holistic way it results in increased harmony, productivity and success for both individuals and the organisations they work for.

Susie aims to increase your organisation’s resilience. She will support your people with access to ongoing consultation and supervision to enhance their interpersonal skills. She will also provide access to a wide range of holistic wellbeing practices to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. See the services listed below.

  • Access to professional supervision, facilitation, mediation, communication, including families + kids, addictions, grief work.
  • Tailored to your people
  • Global zoom access
  • Stress reduction techniques such as breathing, meditation, relaxation

Additional services for the whole family include:

  • Online support every Friday 12.30, 1 hour call for access to wider whanau. All welcome.
  • 2 family camps per year

Isolation is a challenge and these offerings are a wise call to action.

Wise is philanthropic. All our ventures are designed to create access for the whanau.

Why use this service

Your people are your greatest asset. Up to 10% of people in a workplace may be under- performing due to troubles at home or unresolved work issues. It has been assessed that a troubled employee is only 50% productive.

Communication and workplace morale are inseparable and also have a major influence on the health of the organisation. An effective holistic healthcare programme can increase company morale, productivity and employee retention.

Providing this service makes it clear to your employees that you care about the wellbeing of your people and acknowledge their contributions. It shows that the company supports balance, sustainability and a culture of care in the workplace.

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