NVC Summer Camp, 22-28 January 2020

NVC Summer Camp,
22-28 January 2020

(arrive anytime on the 22nd, first communal meal that night and last meal Tuesday 28th at lunch)

This camp is intended to be a place where people come together to live, practice, learn and share NVC.

Our aim is to co-create a community where everyone’s needs matter, and we are using the principles of NVC as a framework. Our vision is for people to grow, play and come together in curiousity while also taking responsiblility for themselves.

The framework will be set meal times, a morning circle where we land and plan our day, daily empathy groups, and empathy angels hovering to support us throughout the gathering. Rounding it off with a harvesting after the evening meal.

We will cap this event at 40 people. Venue TBC.

The idea is that we create a village. If you have young children under the age of 8, there will not be child care provided, so bear this in mind in your planning.

The opportunity to be assertive, honest and authenetic and caring for self and others is alive and well in the Wise gathering.

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10 min from Thames in the Kauranga valley


• Adults 18 & up $500 (includes 3 daily meals, tea and coffee, all workshops, camping/land contribution)
• Children 5 – 17 $400 (all inclusive see above as for adult) or $200 (self catered, breakfast still included)
• Children under 5 free

Make payment to:  03 0156 002 0008 00
Please write as ref nvc camp and your name

If this cost is more than you can afford, and you want to attend, please let Irina know by email. If we have covered our costs and there is space for you to attend, we will include you. If you are willing to reciprocate through service, please let us know this.

Bring along what brings you joy, that you’d like to share with the community, musical instruments, games, crafts, etc.

Susie and Irina xx
On behalf of all you movers and shakers and mischief makers

+64 21 770 107 |

Connecting with Children, 14-15 March

Connecting with Children
14-15 March

VENUE: Michael Park School, Ellerslie
COST: Starting at $240 – $480

A workshop based on ‘Nonviolent Communication (NVC)’ 
For parents, Teachers, coaches and whoever spends time with children

Led by Yoram Mosenzon

In an interactive and safe learning environment, we will be invited to work on examples from our own life. We will practice “Nonviolent Communication” through demonstrations, role-playing and exercises in order to integrate the NVC values and language more in our own daily lives.

* The course provides a child-free learning environment to honor many students’ needs for focus, concentration, relaxation and learning.

You will learn to:

♥ How to transform anger into connection (from both sides)
♥ Empathic listening- how to hear what your child is saying, no matter how they express it 
♥ How to deeply listen to ourselves, to the depth of what is important to us, and how to communicate that in a way that fosters compassion and cooperation. How to care for ourselves and for our children/family at the same time?
♥ How to stand clearly for our boundaries without using threats or punishments. How to move from being a policeman/policewoman, into just being humans together 
♥ How to create peaceful dialogues that include and connect us all

For more information, contact Susie 021 770 107 or Irina 021 923 295.