NVC Foundation Training

28 – 29 September 2018
At 13 Erangi Place, Bethells Beach
NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is a practical toolkit to cultivate your values. Understand where others are coming from and see their humanity.

Create authentic connections with yourself and others, instead of impulse, habits, I shoulds or rebellion.

You will learn to:

  • Receive effective communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Transform the thinking, moralistic judgments, and language that keep you from the enriching relationships you dream of
  • Practice self empathy which supports and strengthens nervous and immune systems
  • Make clear requests
  • Take 100% responsibility and experience freedom and choice
  • Identify you own value system rather than an external value system
  • Release others from the burden that they create your reality
  • Break patterns of blame and criticism by noticing interpretations
  • Wake up to values behind internal dialogues and be more connected to life and flow
  • In a nutshell the aim is to make life more wonderful.

Cost $280
Pay to 03 0156 0020008 000

Please confirm your place by registering here or contact Susie at susie@susiespiller.com.
Please do not let financial circumstances prevent you from attending – talk to us

If you’re not able to attend a public training or would enjoy one on one support feel free to contact me for an initial consult at no charge.

Susie Spiller is a certified trainer with the Centre for Non Violent Communication, a master facilitator of the virtues project, a teacher of integrated yoga, and passionate about wholesome food and nature, and family.

How to Lead Great Meetings

A one day workshop designed to develop your capability to  lead and participate in Great Meetings

Limited to 10 participants
Saturday 15th September, 2018 9:30am – 4:30pm
Te Henga/Bethells Beach
Shared lunch

Meetings are a part of life and most of us hate them. They are often a waste of time, a platform for one or two personalities to dominate with their own agendas, and they can be quite literally, soul destroying.

However with a few key adjustments and an understanding of how groups work, meetings can become a really worthwhile use of everyone’s time and a powerful platform for generating engagement, change and success.

The Great Meetings workshop covers what you need to know to participate in or lead great meetings. It is a developmental space that will give you the opportunity to try things out, question and learn.

Over the space of a day we will explore key ideas, try out processes and harvest learnings. The key ideas we will explore are:

• Powerful listening and speaking
• The role of the meeting facilitator
• Purpose, Culture & Power Dynamics
• The Whole Person approach
• How to tap group energy and generate synergy
• Who makes the best decisions
• Working in the unknown
• Amazing Agenda’s and Mighty Minutes

For more information, phone Susie Spiller at 021 770 107 or send email.


NVC Family Camp

24 – 29 January 2019
Kauaeranga Valley
We are excited to be showing up and offering an NVC family camp, the first of its kind in NZ. This camp is intended to be a place where people come together to live, pratice, learn and share NVC.
Our aim is to co-create a community where everyone’s needs matter, and we are using the principles of NVC as a framework. Our vision is for people to grow, play and come together in curiousity while also taking responsiblility for themselves.
The framework will be set meal times, a morning circle where we land and plan our day, daily empathy groups, and empathy angels hovering to support us throughout the gathering. Rounding it off with a harvesting after the evening meal.
The idea is that we create a village. If you have young children under the age of 8, there will not be child care provided, so bear this in mind in your planning.
The opportunity to be assertive, honest and authenetic and caring for self and others is alive and well in the Wise gathering.


Cost under 7 free

Child sustainable $150
Supporting other peeps to attend $250
Adult sustainable $300
Support others to attend $400
Need more info?

10-11 October – Deepening Training

Cost $280 (Lunch included)

At 13 Erangi Place, Bethels Beach

11-12 October 2018 9am-5pm

Please confirm your place by registering here 

Feel free to call me if you’d like any further information  Susie 09 5297558

Please do not let financial circumstances prevent you from attending – talk to us


A pathway to deepen into the heart of compassion
Drawing from the work of Robert Gonzales, we will explore processes to support you to reintegrate compassion in your lives.
Deepening your awareness of how NVC can enrich your life.
Developing key core capacities that enable you to create a map back home to your hearts.
I have found these skills invaluable in my navigation of my inner and outer worlds, I use them daily.
Look forward to contributing to your resilience and care.
Susie Spiller