Grief + Gratitude

March 16 – 18
Aio Wira Retreat Centre Tehenga, Bethells



Holding the Space, 3 Wise women Susie Spiller + Irina Borowski
With special guest Kristen Masters, CNVC cert trainer like Susie from Santa Cruz
In grace and light, book fast folks there are only 15 spaces. This one will be the one and only retreat from Wise for 2018.


Supported $350
Maintainer $450
Sustainer $600

4A1AF1DF1D0144DEB27074AE92AEFED1Throughout the gathering you will be nourished and supported with organic, seasonal and vegetarian food, cooked by Irina. Irina has been immersed in fermented food preparation and intuitive eating for years. Her passion is for people to follow their inner guidance around food choices and to connect to their bodies with joy. Her belief is that there is no right and wrong foods, no one formula fits all. Having said that, she is happy to observe any dietary requirements you may have.

Susie will also provide accessible yoga each day and relaxation, including the latest research in neurobiology to calm the brain when anxious, shocked, or simply attempting to navigate life.

What happens when we live our lives as a series of celebrations and mournings, if we have full permission to acknowledge what is working and what isn’t? Well, that is exactly what we’ll explore this lovely weekend.

Susie Spiller (Auckland, NZ) and Kristin Masters (Santa Cruz, CA, US) will show you how to form a community to play and heal with. We will expand our capacities to accompany ourselves by inviting our gratitude and our griefs. The team is looking so forward to co-creating transformational experiences with you and with the beloveds who you bring.

More detail

Many of us know the sustaining and healing powers of practicing gratitude. NVC offers an added richness to the practices of gratitude that we already know and use, as well as lending it’s frame to develop a few more. Whether you’ve done a lot of NVC gratitude or this is new to you, you are welcome.

We live our human lives in a constant state of celebration and mourning for that which we love. And yet many of us have been taught to stay away from the grief and the mourning around our losses. We often believe that we are supposed to grieve alone, rather than burdening others with our sadness. In contrast to this belief, in neurobiological reality, our grief is richest when we are able to grieve together.
The safety of holding will be by Kristin Masters and Susie Spiller, both certified NVC trainers who appreciate the power and beauty of grief in community.
Kristen has led many grief gatherings and workshops over the past 10 years, all with very positive feedback. Kristin Masters has approached grief and mourning through the lenses of NVC, Living Compassion (work of Robert Gonzales), Work that Reconnects (work of Joanna Macy) and 10 years of singing at bedsides with Threshold Choir. Accompanying her wife/life partner through terminal brain cancer to the end of her life 3.5 years ago tested her previous ‘knowing’ into a whole new dimension of dealing with loss.

If you want to know more about Irina and Susie you are welcome to check us out at or


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