How to Lead Great Meetings

A one day workshop designed to develop your capability to  lead and participate in Great Meetings

Limited to 10 participants
Saturday 15th September, 2018 9:30am – 4:30pm
Te Henga/Bethells Beach
Shared lunch

Meetings are a part of life and most of us hate them. They are often a waste of time, a platform for one or two personalities to dominate with their own agendas, and they can be quite literally, soul destroying.

However with a few key adjustments and an understanding of how groups work, meetings can become a really worthwhile use of everyone’s time and a powerful platform for generating engagement, change and success.

The Great Meetings workshop covers what you need to know to participate in or lead great meetings. It is a developmental space that will give you the opportunity to try things out, question and learn.

Over the space of a day we will explore key ideas, try out processes and harvest learnings. The key ideas we will explore are:

• Powerful listening and speaking
• The role of the meeting facilitator
• Purpose, Culture & Power Dynamics
• The Whole Person approach
• How to tap group energy and generate synergy
• Who makes the best decisions
• Working in the unknown
• Amazing Agenda’s and Mighty Minutes

For more information, phone Susie Spiller at 021 770 107 or send email.


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