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About NVC

“I had the honour of attending an NVC workshop hosted by three incredible women -Kristen Masters, Susie Spiller and Irina B. I want to share with you my experience of what turned out to be a deeply moving weekend.

I am completely new to NVC and had no expectations or preconceived notion of what I might be entering into, only that the two themes were Day One, Grief and Gratitude, Day Two Power and Privilege. Under Kristen and Susie’s gentle guidance, I was able to confront my deeply rooted grief, a grief that had embedded itself so far into my system that it had become part of an undercurrent I wasn’t even aware of. Being a yoga teacher I have an understanding of my body and it’s tension lines. I knew that a level of that tension was comprised of anxiety, however it was not at all on my radar that it could be grief. The relief of it came as a tidal wave of tears, held and supported by two warrior women who bore witness to my hurt and carried me with kindness. I was able to untangle knots in my diaphragm and was left with the lightness of a child. I’m eternally grateful for such a profound experience and would encourage those who are unsure or who have an element of fear to trust the process. I hold gratitude forever in my heart for these wonderful women.”

“I so loved your silent presense while I shared, it was palpable. I loved your contribution and care, the way you hold complexity with harmony.” Janet Redmond

About Coaching Programmes

“On my first life coaching session with Susie I met my Little Rose, the fact the Susie knew to call my child self Little Rose, was in itself divine, my child self was welcomed and checked on and nurtured in our session, all of me experienced a sense of family, and within the first 24hrs I began to ‘gather my inner circle’  Susie was my someone solidly beside me as I allowed Little Rose to have a space to when she was ready to know she was welcome- this was the first time my inner child wasn’t worried my experience my truth ‘her story’ would hurt anyone anymore.  All this, the most powerful supported work I’d ever experienced, was all set in place in my ‘free consultation’.  I was ready, but Susie was also ready to meet me there.   I’ve been to so many therapist over the years, but my work with Susie already has began to cut through my Complex Trauma and we are only now entering week 3 of a 7 week agreed journey.   

My breathing and sense of connection to life has already opened up so much, I feel like my body is a waterfall after a huge cleansing rain storm -rushing and flowing meeting a river, and now touching the ocean.   

I havent stopped crying but Susie is there, I feel a sense of having began to gain more years of my life, my life has just expanded out further beyond what was previously possible.”  Rosey Hallewas, May 2018

About Yoga

“Susie has a talent for comprehending body-mind-spirit connection. She’s a gifted yoga teacher, always find the way in – through breath, movement and attention – to bring me present, here, now. She also helps me keep my rickety old body moving!! Got to be the best!!!”

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